27 February 2017

A wee reminder


I just wanted to remind you that I have moved to another blog on wordpress, you can find it here. I've been blogging with new paintings frequently, so there is lots to catch up on...

...this is just a small sample of what you have missed...  See you on the other side. x

Old Farmhouse


Allium Meadow

7 September 2016

I'm Moving

I am moving my blog to WordPress so I won't be posting here any longer.

To keep following me, just click here and then use the follow me button on the left.

See you soon.


11 May 2016

Apologies, but I have a very good reason...

I apologise for being quiet over the passed wee while and not replying to comments. Something extraordinary has happened here, in Scotland - it's sunny!
 I'm making the most of the good weather by spending all my time outside as this could be 2016's summer.
Normal service will resume when the weather changes back to normal.
Until then, I'm out drawing in the SUN!!!

Butterflies I, Wildlife Painting

Butterflies I, oil on board
I wanted to see if I could paint butterflies in oil, and here's the result. I enjoyed doing it so much, I painted a second one. I'll pop it in my next post.

9 May 2016

Out to Sea, Landscape Oil Paintings

Out to Sea, oil on canvas, 102 x 76 cm (40 x 30")
I painted this on a very large canvas, and had such fun doing it. I put on my favourite album - Kate Bush's The Kick Inside, and danced about with far too many paint brushes gripped in one hand while painting with the other. I had also just discovered the joys of Prussian Blue - there is a lot of it used.

The painting, a favourite of mine, hangs on the wall in my studio, and you can now but cards and prints through my shop. Visit here to find out more.

4 May 2016

Wester Ross Lochan, Watercolour Landscape Painting

Wester Ross Lochan, watercolour and felt pen on watercolour paper
This is one of my favourite watercolours. I love the way the browns (my least favourite colour) worked and the way the felt pen spread when I wet it.

Oh, and if you're wondering how to pronounce lochan, it's that Scottish ch sound from the back of the throat, like loch - a lochan is a tiny wee loch, by the way.

2 May 2016

Ancient Woods, Landscape Painting

Ancient Woods, chalk pastel on board
These redwoods are just north of San Francisco. I was there, at the Muir Woods National Monument,  a while back and took tonnes of photos. It really did feel as if you were back in time.

A wonderful ancient, peaceful place.

27 April 2016

Storm, Landscape Oil Painting

Storm, oil on canvas
This is one of my largest paintings at 120cm (47") wide. I love painting that size, and bigger, but not many people have the room for something so large.

25 April 2016

Snowshoe Hare, Wildlife Painting

Snowshoe Hare, chalk pastel on board
I painted this wee hare because, well, he was too cute not to. What more can I say?

I have prints and cards of him now as the original has sold. You can find them here.

Smokey Jura, Landscape Oil Painting

Smokey Jura, oil on canvas
This was a tiny wee painting. I started out painting murals, so working on something so small was a real challenge for me. It went well, I think, and the painting has sold.

Greetings cards of it are available through my website.