21 July 2011

Studio Before and After

I have been doing a bit of sorting out and cleaning. I have a 5 year old son who likes to think my studio is also his. I don't mind him using it, I encourage him, but it's the aftermath of his creations that get too much after a while, and lately he has been into making big things - boats, castles, airplanes and even a surf board with someone standing on it.

The studio, before
So, including my own things, the accumulated dirt caused by chalk pastels, dried bits of paint and heaven knows what else, and my son's bits of paper, I tidied and cleaned. And now, I feel I can get to work, thinking clearly and no longer worrying about stepping on anything lovingly glued by small hands.

The Studio, after
Oh, and if you look closely in the after photo, my son's work has been neatly stored - I find it hard enough throwing away my own work, never mind someone else's.

Now it's time to start on my Universe series of paintings.

12 July 2011


Spiral Galaxy M74, the Hubble website - always well worth a visit
There are certain things I love, and sometimes wonder, if maths and physics had come easily to me, if I would have gone into a completely different field. No painting and drawing, just star gazing and studying the universe with awe.

Where I live, there are so many street lights that I can't see any stars. I have to drive out of town and up a number of hills to see the Milky Way, Orion's Belt (and the galaxies that make up it's sword), the North Star and Mars.

But I have been thinking about using my love of astronomy to inspire a new series of paintings.

I'm oddly a bit nervous about the prospect as I have always used the landscape around me, but if I can't see the stars and our galaxy from my home at the moment (moving is high on the to do list), I think I would like to bring it to me for now.

6 July 2011

Commission 3

I think I am nearly finished. I still want to make changes to the tops of the trees on the left.

I have been keeping my client up to date by email, sending her photos at each stage, and, as I am now nearing the end of the project, have asked my client for comments just to make sure she is happy with her painting.

I now have to wait nervously for her reply.