19 November 2014


One of the pages from my sketchbook.
I've been spending my days at Edinburgh Zoo, and it's been brilliant.

When I look at the map, I realise just how little of it I have explored so far. With each visit, I find I tend to concentrate on just a few animals in the same area - last time, it was the rhinos, pandas and penguins. I drew, sketched and scribbled, taking photos in between. I watched the pandas prowl (on the rare occasion they weren't asleep), the penguins dive and swim, the rhinos heat themselves in the sun.

I feel energised and more enthusiastic about my work than I have in years.

I love going to the zoo!

5 November 2014

Rhino, Fading Into Black

Every time I finish a painting, I stand back and realise that I have to name my work. I always find it a struggle, but this time I got there with ease. I have spent weeks studying this rhino, and all I can think about is how close he is to extinction - fading away as time goes on, and into black shadows when there are none left.

Rhino, Fading Into Black, chalk pastel on board, 59 x 42.5 cm (23 x 16.5 ")