29 November 2010

Running Cheetah

I finished working on a cheetah today; I've even given it an inspired title – Running Cheetah – just in case you can't guess from the painting. OK, you are welcome to argue with me on that point. I used chalk pastel on mount board.
     I love pastel; it makes me feel very connected to my work because I'm hold the material directly, getting it on both my painting and me, using my fingers to move the colours about on the board.
     When I finish working on one of animals I'm always surprised that I am the one who painted it.
     I tried a light background for him first but he lacked drama, and I've used some wonderfully sparkly whites and golds (they really do have sparkles in them) that lift his coat. I'll have to find excuses for using these pastels again.

Image: Running Cheetah (www.tracybutler.co.uk)

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